Things I Can’t Friggin’ Believe- Part 5

Time for some thoughts from a cynical mind. Basically, things that I can’t friggin’ believe.

That Dubai is broke.

That we are too but the S&P is at 1100.

That I’ve been all the volume in the market for the last six months.

That Dubai owns the QE2.

That Tiger Woods had a fender bender and Twitter almost shut down.

That all of Tiger’s Dubai appearance fee checks actually cleared.

That Lady Gaga exists.

That Timmy Geithner actually stamps his feet when the waiter gets it wrong at Olive Garden.

That “now”we’re worried about Eastern Europe.

That Rahm Emanual hasn’t turned to heroin.

That people threw themselves on the sword for Al Gore.

That Al Gore exists.

That First Solar hasn’t broken $100 yet.

That Bernanke coined the phrase “extended period” because his wife won’t give him any grits.

That Tiger Woods might be $400 million lighter in the wallet soon.

That some Treasuries are negative.

That commercial real estate stocks still trade like hot biotechs.

That I had naked puts on a 3x etf last month.

That Eric Holder still pays Acorn and puts animals on trial that already pled guilty.

That I refused the lead in Twilight

That Obama is still going to Copenhagen.

That people shop in their pajamas on Black Friday

That more people can tell you the reality TV lineup than three signers of he Constitution.

That Acer took Dell’s #2 spot.

That Eliot Spitzer is popping up everywhere discussing financial ethics.

That AIG exists.

That this short dollar carry trade is more crowded than 34 clowns in a phone booth.

That people think the market is up for reasons others than the carry trade.

That when the shorts start covering the dollar, it will be one of the greatest global short covering rallies in history.

That the dollar may go to zero first though

That Immelt and Zucker haven’t turned to heroin.

That Warren Buffet has lost his edge.

That Timmy Geithner isn’t clerking at the DMV

That about three people in Obama’s cabinet ever ran a business themselves, yet make policy.

That Omar Minaya still has a job.

That people think Bernanke has a clue.

That you can paralyze a child or a terrorist by listening to Bob Dylan’s Christmas album.

That the bulls don’t seem worried that gold makes new highs everyday.

That bears have zero punch anymore.

That some Goldman executives are now “packing heat” to work.

That you guys have bee reading my rants for almost two years now, Thanks


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