The Wrap

{+++}TSTC was a nice brealout winner for us today as popped through the 13.80 trigger price. I’m still holding mine and I am looking for higher prices.

AIG had a big volume reversal day but we lowered our stops yesterday and still managed +1.50 on top of the $4 bucks yesterday. We may reenter this one short when the dust settles again.

AGU and MOS traded very well, especially MOS, and FCX is starting a bit of a bullish consolidation. Remeber POT? We got stopped last week but it looks good over the $118 level. I knew that one would stop out and then run, so keep your eye on it.

ABAX is just hanging in there for now, MCO and GT are still fine.

The dollar collapsed again today so we could get a little bounce in the coming days so stay tuned. Today I raised stops, so check the list, I posted to Twitter and the blog and that is how we will do it going forward.

See you tomorrow.

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