Weekend Linky Dinks

The Administration is kicking complete ass with this whole “saved or created” theme. Under this cutting edge scenario if you weren’t run over by a truck last week, your job was saved. The rate now stands at 10.2%, probably more like 17% though if you really peel back the onion.. The indices all managed a gain of over 3% for the week, gold hit all time highs, and despite all the fanfare that the greenback was ready to roar higher, it managed to end lower for the week. The trading range continues. Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

The billion dollar airbag.

The buy and hold song.

Pick your letter and make your bet.

The Goldman boys.

Gotta raise? Your job was saved. Galleon was more transparent.

Cohan on Larry Summers

Maheras, who helped blow up Citi starts a fund, why not? Pandit wrote the “How To” on the process.

How Israel destroyed Syria’s reactor with Operation Orchard.

How Goldman secretly bet on housing crash.

Roubini says Rogers is full of it.

Will Goldman get shot over their shots?

Jobs gibberish.

Best and worse stocks since Obama’s win.

Why this real estate bust is different.

Coffee with Carhart, Goldman’s former head of asset management.

Don’t mess with Julian Robertson.

Bufftet’s Netjet fires 500 pilots.

Intrade takes action on Healthcare, and passage looks poor.

The Droid, another place to put your apps.

Choo Beng Lee was insider trading at SAC Cap.

“V” aims at Obamamania.

Three potential bubbles for retail investors.

Time to fire Geithner.

Home equity loans remains tight.

California taxpayers continue to get slammed.

The mother of all carry trades faces a massive bust, the question is when?

Matthews gets taunted for his “tingly leg” comment.

Ron Paul says be prepared for the worst.

The First Lady doesn’t need help.

Sarbox sucked.

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