Weekend Linky Dinks

The dollar has the glide pattern of a brick and I see nothing from Uncle Ben to stop the current trend. The S&P traded below the “level” on Friday, but managed a close just pennies away from 1080. Technically significant enough to start a downward trend? Who knows? The greenback looks well done and on its way to being burnt, so I still like the commodity and material plays. Have a great weekend with your families and enjoy the links.

Meriwether, blow up two hedge funds, open a third, and proudly state that you will be using the same strategy.

Just learn to love insider trading.

How Moody’s sold its ratings and sold out investors.

My one real peeve, why I cant I buy insurance in Alaska f I want?

China’s GDP, cooked or not? We’ll probably never know.

China and us, a wary respect.

Obama sees worst poll drop in 50 years.

How Andrew Hall made his $100 million.

Banker pay

Big Brother controls the news media.

Limbaugh on racism.

The idiot maker rally.

Chamber of Commerce fights for free enterprise.

So, you wanna trust analysts?

As we start our lost decade, Japan is starting their second.

Hedge fund dominoes?

Fewer companies issue quarterly earnings guidance.

Big banks are hording “your” loot.

Andrew Ross Sorkin is on a roll.

Seven months after Porkulus, 49 states have lost jobs.

Harvard’s $500 million bad bet.

Galleon witness had a history of passing secrets.

The Hef reflects.

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