Weekend Linky Dinks

I look for higher prices next week, at least until Thursday or Friday as investors validate the “herd mentality” theory and continue to chase performance. The market is in la-la land for now and until dips stop getting bought we will go higher.Yes, it’s still just a rally in a secular bear market. Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

Is Wells Fargo a ticking time bomb?

From my pal Jon Markman on a possible 1991 stock market replay.

Stocktwits does Stockcamp

Data Points: energy and metals

Watch the fertilizer stocks on Monday morning.

10 companies that could go out of business.

Should Iran be rattled or empowered by the missile defense pullout?

What was what.

Will Universities become irrelevant?

Congress puts Acorn on the do not call list, and I was just about to ask them to help fund my meth lab.

Where are the subprime perp walks?

Is the recession “really” over?

Twitter founder says he’s found the next big thing.

Cool video about iconography.

China getting nosy.

A great weekend for football.

Into the abyss, Lehman and Bear, the latter was the only firm that didn’t help bail out Long Term Capital, no one was said to see them go.

Return of the day trader.

Couldn’t happen to a bigger schmuck.

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