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{+++}There seems to be some confusion about Stocktwits Desktop so I thought I would tryto clear it up.

First, to install it go here

If you would like to see how to use all the great benefits,, go here.

Many of you asked about the private stream for subscribers only on Stocktwits Deshtop, there will be a private stream just for you subscribers in a few weeks, but now would be a good time to join my stream once you install Stocktwits Desktop. One you have installed it, go to “add streams” on the upper left, go to “groups” and then type in Upsidetrader Premium, simple, you are now in the private stream column for subscribers.

This will be a great benefit to you guys because I will soon be able to issue daytrade alerts and exits for you, without all of Twitter seeing it, it also saves me a step by not having to go to the blog to make intraday trade alerts.

Some of you have asked about Disqus and what it is. Disqus is simply a way for you to chat amoung yourselves, and with me, about our stocks or anything else you may want to discuss. Some of you have asked how to join, it’s simple, at the bottom of every post I do there is a comment section. That is Disqus, login and you are ready to join the community and the conversation.

I hope this helped answer some questions.

All of my comments ill still be on Twitter, the desktop in my opinion is just a far superior way to enjoy twitter, check it out, it does everything.

Have a great weekend,


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