A Tuesday Follow Through Would Be Nice

{+++}Hi Guys. The Nikkei had a big night as they were closed for a holiday yesterday and our futures are about as flat as flat can be right now, really just unchanged across the board.

We have AAPL after the close and the market may not make a big directional bet until that number is out of the way. The drug makers seem to be coming out with some solid numbers and so far I like the recommendation on IBB, it could play well, especially since the healthcare reform package is coming under increased scrutiny on a daily basis.

I had some e-mails on the STAR recommendation as it relates to the price. If it gaps up a bit, obviously wait to see if it pulls back to enter, I just wanted to give you a little leeway because I really like the pattern. Hopefully you can buy near the closing price or there-abouts.

If AAPL beats, I would expect a good follow through in technology and this market could really run. Please watch your stops.I’m traveling today but will be watching as best I can.

Good Luck


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