Weekend Linky Dinks

We closed the week with a whimper as the summer doldrums may have started to take hold. It’s still anyone’s game, but the bears may have a slight edge here and we get to do it all over again next week. Enjoy the links and your weekend.

The man who crashed the world.

Tax-achusetts may show how Obamacare will really work.

Lunch with a porcupine, Larry Summers.

Clash of the titans, Google vs, Softee

Government Sachs loses its doomesday machine.

Is the downturn”outing” the grifters?

Roubini on greenshoots, good read.

The mouse that roared.

I didn’t think these idiots were smart enough.

Sun Valley twittered last week, but about the slump-not deals.

Why creating jobs is so hard.

Behind the meltdown.

Real estate markdowns.

Thoughts on oil.

Obama’s speech to college kids, in Russia.

How a rich suburban girl became a drug dealer.

Commercial real estate, here is the 4000th negative article. It’s coming.

Is it still smart to bet against treasuries?

What was what on Friday.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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