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{+++}Some of you are having problems borrowing some of our shorts from your broker. If any of you fine folks are having good luck with borrowing please share on Disqus to maybe help some of the folks that need guidance. From what I have seen Interactive Brokers is good with borrowing short. If anyone has interest in my platform let me know,it does require a 30k min, deposit to open but commissions are very low and I always get to borrow stock. Executions blinding fast. I would be happy to make intro-full disclosure I have no ax to grind, just trying to help.

Our shorts look good, hope everyone got to play a few, if any of you are happy with the service I have no problem with you expressing it on Twitter. Most folks dont understand the powerful tool that shorting is and need education. Thank you all for the testimonials again. You guys are the best.

Lets have an awesome afternoon.

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