Things I Can’t Friggin Believe, Part 5

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That our national debt is growing faster than GDP.

That the Congressional Budget Office says that in 10 years our publicly held debt will double to 82% of GDP.

That the CBO says our debt will be 200% of GDP in 2038.

That countries with far less debt than that 2038 number are essentially insolvent, see Eastern Europe.

That we have a mantra of “never let a crisis go to waste” instead of a fair deal to fix the problems.

That we are “net debtor” to the tune of $3.47 trillion.

That China owns 50% of our debt and owns more everyday.

That Canada and Mexico sell us as much oil as the Persian Gulf but I’m getting an electric postage stamp with wheels shoved down my throat.

That the administration sells us the fear of OPEC cutting our oil supply, but foreign bondholders can wreak far more havoc on our interest rates and greenback.

That cap and trade adds an onerous tax on everyone and will outsource jobs to India and China, but they tells us we have to have it.

That anyone ever believed the “porkulus” package would create a job.

That the last time we raised tariffs in a bad recession, we got a depression and no one seems to care.

That Obama is publicly considering a second stimulus.

That the healthcare plan will cost at least $1.6 trillion.

That cap and trade is already the largest tax in American history.

That Ruth Madoff took a train.

That our Congress passed the largest tax increase in history, unread by anyone, under the cover of the Michael Jackson coverage.

That Courtney Love just trashed The Inn on Waverly Place yesterday, doing her best Keith Moon.

That Courtney Love successfully pissed away$750 million of Kurt Cobain’s estate.

That Courtney Love exists.

That some believe commercial real estate dodged a bullet.

That some believe residential real estate has bottomed.

That Jackson and McMahon died broke.

That Motley Fool is starting their own mutual fund. Epic pimp out.

That North Korea wanted to bomb Hawaii today.

That this entire rally has been on light volume and people find that odd.

That FXI has rallied 80% and folks can’t buy enough of their IPO’s

That the unwavering majority say it’s impossible that we can retest the lows.

That RTH is trading at $75

That Saks and Bergdorf Goodman have cut prices by 70%

That people thought the blip of an improvement in retail was not because stuff was being given away practically for free.

That states are giving out IOU’s

That people don’t realize the last time we raised taxes and tariffs in a really bad recession we got a Depression.

That pundits still tell us to buy and hold.

That Dennis Kneale went prime time.

That folks think because you report news, have a camera and a microphone, you’re smart.

That CNBC is NEVER accountable for what they do and say.

That CNBC doesn’t ask every guest pundit/money manager what there performance is and how they fared the last two years.

That some bloggers, have outperformed God, the market and 90% of CNBC guests and hosts, but get puked upon by Dennis Kneale.

That Dennis Kneale exists.

That Bernanke and Paulson put a gun to Ken Lewis’s head.

That Lewis let them.

That our country cares more about Brittney and Lohan than taxes, and a corrupt Congress.

That Nicaragua has surfaced again

That countries that have been silent for the last eight years are getting ballsy again.

That Joe Biden looks more like Angelo Mozilo everyday.

That New York City has had the coolest June since 1958.

That I just spent $200 at a Yankee game and the tickets were free.

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