Happy Independence Day

The bulls lost their mojo and most of the charts I see look like shorts now. Hope you enjoy the long weekend. Enjoy the links.

It was no money down, not subprime that caused the crisis.

The coming trade war with China.

Are hedge funds smart money again?

Is the China bubble coming?

Small businesses, are saving grace, are rolling over.

GM will be going public next year, let me know when I can go short.

I’m so tired of these incompetents pissing my money away.

Condo.com was the top

Five reasons why buy and hold is dead.

Forbes thinks Bama’s plan is useless and harmful.

NY City apartment sales down over 50%.

26 years of beach beauties from Vanity Fair

Goldman Sachs VS, Rolling Stone

The back scratching has started with the bank stocks, more choreography from the liars.

Gimme back my nest egg, a new look at the capital gains tax.

Peggy Noonan on our founders and our greatest living historian.

Did the EPA gag a climate skeptic?

Time for Israel to blast Iran?

The meaning of Ricci.

This is no wonder when Pelosi spends a day in Afghanistan and six in Italy,maybe there’s a crisis in Lake Como.

Payrolls and unemployment suck.

El- Erian says job data is worse than we think.

Is there more to the Palin resignation?

Mish on general idiocy.

Banning short selling.

Touch screen craze is starting.

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