Lunch Update

{+++}Well, we’re not in this rally, but we’re not losing money either. It’s an odd day as the dollar is actually up a bit but commodities are running. The financials are up only 3/4% and IYR and JLL our two commercial real estate plays are soft yet again.

I’m not convinced this rally will have staying power but I’m not ruling it out either. I suggested a sale of a half position on GILD for a $1.60 profit in case you missed my Twitter post, let’s hold the rest for now.

As I said last night we can turn the boat around if we have to but I want to watch for a bit. Trading is a weird science and some days your just not in the action, but then when you least expect it you print profits.

None of our shorts triggered and I will report back later, but I won’t chase and I won’t force things. I will check in later.

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