Weekend Linky Dinks and the New Blog

The market continued edging higher this week and needless to say it at the stage where it has both the bulls and bears on their toes. I know I am. Next week should be key, enjoy the links.

I am really digging Pete Fleckenstein’s new blog, check it out.

Roubini is still fighting his good fight and defends his dead cat bounce theory.

When you make to the top they always want to pull you down, is Meredith Whitney really over rated? I think not.

Return of the day trader.

Bob Dylan’s new one.

California foreclosures set to soar again.

Still shadows looming out there.

Is Obama becoming a bigger dictator groupie than Jimmy Carter?

Israel is ready to go.

Bank of America eps preview.

After a decade of losses, starting over at 30.

The idiots on the Hill have to blame somebody.

I wonder if Carville, Stephenapoulis and Emmanuel had any input here.

Another incompetent analyst, this time regarding Dendreon. Ouch.

I was fifteen floors down from these guys when the plane hit, lost a bunch of buddies there too, I’m glad to see them thriving again.

Wells Fargo, I’m still waiting to see what happens when we really peel the onion.

The newsletter will be out either late today or tomorrow. Yes I will discuss the changes on the blog starting Monday and the new pay site. The free site will have less specific content, the new site will include charting, my 5/20 trading strategy, specific commentary, video including specific entries for both longs and shorts with concise follow-up. I started the blog about 15 months ago and I think it’s fair to say I have completely nailed this market on the short side, specifically in the financials and materials. I hope you have found it useful and I know I saved many folks from heart ache and actually made those who followed along a small fortune. I hope to move forward with most of you guys. Hopefully it will be a fun, exciting and most importantly, a very profitable journey. God Bless and thanks.

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