Weekend Linky Dinks

We saw a week where Geithner failed miserably, a stimulus plan was passed and the DOW had its first close BELOW 8000 since 2003. A fun fact that nobody is talking about. Here are some links. There will be much more in the newsletter which will be out later today. Hope you had a profitable week.

Roubini says just do it.

Stocktwits catches some love.

You and I both made more than Twitter did last week, but no one gave us $35 million.

Don’t slip and fall, you might get attacked now.

I lost count but how many times has Trump gone BK?

What’s in it for us?

I can see it now, a giant Zune in every window.

Maybe we really need 9 million jobs

Don Corleone would be ashamed, you can’t make this stuff up.

This has been making the rounds but she is what you would call a L.I.V. -low information voter.

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