Things That I Can’t Friggin’ Believe 3

That some think we can save the financial system without nationalizing the banks.

That some think the builders are getting cheap.

That some people thing RTH bottomed.

That Tim Geithner so easily fumbled the most important speech of his life.

That some perma bears went bullish.

That not one living soul read the porkulus package but still voted yes to a $1 Trillion (with interest) give away.

That some people think the porkulus plan will add meaningful jobs.

That some illegal aliens are actually “going back” because there are no jobs “here”.

That Microsoft is going into retail, they must have missed the memo that Apple is successful because people buy “their” stuff.

That George Stephanopoulus has daily conference calls with Rahm Emanuel.

That Bernie Madoff isn’t in jail yet.

That Congress and the Senate think that the CEO pay cap will make a difference, it will- but to the downside.

That Congress and the Senate can look in the mirror.

That Moody’s now has three new levels of rating jargon for sovereign debt.

That they now rate the U.S.A below Finland and Singapore.

That the friggin’ Pajamagram commercials are finally over.

That I invest in, and am involved in, social networking start ups and all I know about Web 2.0 is that it was my college GPA in internet stuff.

That I still don’t know what HTML means.

That A-Rod took steroids. ( NOT!!)

That Miami U. just honored A-Rod.

That Bar Raphaeli left me for DiCaprio.

That insane people on welfare are allowed to have 8 children-and all at once. She already has 6.

That the Congress and the Senate think this is their world and we just live in it.

That two time Oscar nominee Joaquin Phoenix left an $8 million per picture career become more f**ked up than Jim Morrison and do hip hop.

I was just thinking out loud……………………………..

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