Earnings For Tomorrow

I am really still in awe of the move in the financials and I do still think it was waaaay too much, too fast, too soon and I will be looking for shorts tonight and tomorrow. It shouldn’t be that hard. I also think all the giddy pundits out there, should read or listen to the American Express conference call after their earning report. It really does reflect the lousy state of our economy, yet the market will do what it wants to do. Sorry I didn’t get to some charts tonight but duty called at the hoop game. Earnings I will be watching tomorrow.
Before Open–GENZ, T, NYT, NIHD, BTU, TRV

After Close- ALL, BIDU, AMZN, WFR, QCOM,

P.S. GENZ acted funky today after the morning surge, a good eps in the morning could really put it in play

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