I Need A Nap

I posted earlier, that this was the first financial rally that impressed me. Why? Because they had every imaginable reason to rollover this morning, but they didn’t. The 50% retracement that I mentioned a day or two ago for the XLF is around $22.75, so that will be resistance. This move in my opinion though is becoming slightly, if not very parabolic. I did get real long UYG though in the last hour as they were taking out offers like it was their last day on earth. Other than UYG I made a some nice loot in the biotech patch. I wish I was more focused on the financials but I need to focus only on the group I’m trading. There was some beautiful loot to be made there though. I also traded SYNA for a nice trade and GENZ as well. I twittered my long on GENZ (and SYNA) real early today and it was a classic breakout through $80, I took it for a point and then it failed miserably. Nat. gas is rolling over and I will show a chart or two later highlighting the group. I hope you guys killed em today. I have to coach hoops now. I’ll check in later.

P.S. I’m looking for shorts, NOT longs in the financials. Too much to soon.

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