Misery For The Longs

I was done trading for the most part by 10am as I caught the only real move in CSIQ and FSLR on the long side. It hit my targets and I just walked away. They didn’t do much the rest of the day which was odd considering oil continued to go up ten points I was short a substantial position in UYG and also added size to my RTH short. The consumer is dead to me even more now. I’m just pissed I bought into that medium volume short covering head fake yesterday. I thought the market might rally on a moderately bad number considering yesterdays bullish sentiment, but when I saw the actual number, the only thing I wanted to do was be short and maybe own some solar to play off oil. It all worked out.

Israel may knock out Iran, unemployment stinks, we are in the throws off massive stagflation, commodities are soaring,banks are collapsing (city national in Cleveland has huge issues) the dollar continues to fall, GM can’t sell a car and on and on and …………………………………………….. I don’t see any catalysts, do you? I want to kill em again next week, so off to see some charts. Hope everybody hung in there today.

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