I Beg To Differ, Oil Wasn’t Going Up 10 Points A Day Then

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Looking Forward to Monday?

It’s not often that people look forward to Mondays, but based on one piece of market analysis, it could be a lot better than today. With the S&P 500 currently down 1.88%, the index is set to have been up more than 1.5% yesterday and down more than 1.5% today. Over the last 50 years, this has happened just 30 other times. The average change following these 2-day whirlwinds has been 0.14% on the following day and 0.56% over the following week. During the current bull market (since 10/9/02), the occurrence has happened 5 times, and the index has been up more than 1.2% the next day every time for an average change of 2.17%. Looking at today’s declines, Monday can’t get here quick enough.


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