Will GOOG and Financials Set The Table?

Google was massive and breathtaking. I bought a teeny bit for kicks and giggles in the after market and made some loot. So much for me thinking those ad clicks were going to be weak. Citi reported and it looks like they did a “kitchen sink” which will strengthen the view by some folks that the worst is over for the financials.

I will be watching oil and ags today. These are the two most powerful groups out there but will hit a wall at some point and that is what I am waiting for. You can’t buy them here so I have to wait to short. I can’t wait to unleash the hounds of hell on the short side on both of these sectors. Maybe today, maybe not, we’ll see. Soon though.

The DJI futures are up about 70 and NAZZ future are up about 18

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