Could Have Been Worse I Guess

I guess with the Fed saying they will “buy” Wall St. out of any mistake they ever made we should all just be bullish. I had my best day trading in years today and it was all on the short side. Maybe that’s a sign we have bottomed. I’m getting tired of analyzing quite frankly. The difference between Fridays close and todays close in my view was because BSC went out horribly on Friday, but today, Lehman went out very strong, about 10 points off its intra day low. The daily ranges on some stocks I traded are nothing short of mind numbing.
My short in USO is finally working and I am starting to think the whole commodity complex is going to unwind very hard ,very soon. What the hell, it has already started. Happy St. Patricks Day to everyone and I will pound some Guinness soon. Catch you later.

Is Guinness plural?

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