Market Recap for 2/15/23

I can only say that this bullish market action is impressive.  Tech gets bought on dips, and when we get a hot CPI or Retail # (implies more inflation) the market acts very well.

Today Warren Buffet announced his successor.  The replacement has probably been groomed for years, so if you are an owner of Berkshire stock, things should stay the same.  Time to pass the baton.  The Millionaire Next Door is a good read.

I probably pay rent in my own head way too much so this bullish action confounds me to a degree.

But I watch the bullish action and I have to wonder if we did indeed bottom and we are now starting a new bull market.

It’s so possible, however, I probably worry about Black Swans way too much and as a result that hurts my “alpha” but I have zero confidence in this administration or the economy right now.

I could be wrong short term, BUT, I do aggressively believe in long-term investment in the stock market.  How can I fight historical returns?

We’ve recovered from the COVID lows, which was probably “the low” (but who had the balls?). I hate picking lows, but maybe I should have. When it hurts the most you gotta buy, right? Hard to do it with your own money.

I believe in long-term investing. I tell my son who is starting out in life at 25 years old to buy index funds and to invest as much money as he can on a dollar-cost average basis. It works long-term.

This is either the greatest bear market rally or we really did bottom back during the COVID period.

When the market goes up on bad or inflationary news you have to pay attention.

More to come.

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