Market Recap 11/15/22

Stocks remained positive today on some potential WW3 fears.  Evidently, a couple of missiles landed in Poland, the market dipped hard, then recovered.

It’s still a fluid situation and I don’t think anyone has a clear answer yet.

In spite of this, the market showed some amazing resilience. There is still some catch-up being played and there is a lot of liquidity out there from buyers, so FOMO could really become a thing at some point.

Dips are still being bought so the question is how long will that last?

Nothing goes straight up so I raised some stops just in case.

Setups are still looking good in the energy space and technology has seen some massive short covering after being beaten to death since Covid.

I added FLEX as a new long today, AMBC has not yet triggered. The remaining NBIX stopped at a gain.

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