China Is Going to Be a Problem

Dow: -457.21…
Nasdaq: -189.79… S&P: -60.20…

Did you think this was going to be a layup? No friggin’ way.

Today was the biggest VIX spike in a while. Tech has been hot but gave it back today. See the etf’s of IGV, FDN, VGT, SMH for further weakness.

What hurt things today?

Senate Republicans put forth legislation to impose sanctions on China, LA county will reportedly extend stay-at-home order for three months. The LA extension was not expected and disrupted the recent “re-opening” excitement.

If Trump had his druthers he’s carpet bomb Xi’s condo right now.

There is a lot more that can go wrong up here that can go right. Play smart. SPX died at the Fib retracement…….again.

See you in the morning.

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