Morning Look

Oil futures are seeing more pain this morning, with the most-active June contract falling to a roughly 21-year low, a day after the May contract made history by settling in negative territory for the first time ever, as a glut of oil and dwindling places to store the commodity combined to eviscerate crude.

West Texas Intermediate crude is currently trading at $15.50 down 24%.

Meanwhile, USO, the go-to crude etf that was down 10% yesterday, is currently down 25% in pre-market trading at $2.98.

Also, UCO, the leveraged long play on oil is doing a 1:25 reverse split here as the price was at a drill bit.

USO also filed last night to increase shares outstanding 4 billion from 1 billion. They were running out of shares.

In case you were planning on attending this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich, it just got cancelled. That’s October, not June.

I’m sure everything’s fine.

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