Slow Summer Action-Reata Pharmaceuticals Explodes

Dow: -13.83…
Nasdaq: +21.67… S&P: +5.15…

Most sectors finished Monday in negative territory — eight of eleven to be exact — but losses were modest for the most part, and the three top-performing groups — financials, technology, and healthcare — just so happen to be heavily-weighted, comprising over 50% of the broader market combined.

Its boring out there and it will probably get worse as we head into August. There are some poppers though.

Today, portfolio position RETA (1/3 remaining),  exploded for 65%. It tagged 78 at the highs today which printed a double for us since our entry on July 12 at 39.  It printed about 13X normal daily volume.  Please note that I raised the stop to 67.

Our other notable popper was DOCU which popped 6.3% after misbehaving for the last couple of weeks.  I’m still a believer.  The technicals resetting and look like they want to turn up. Another day or two of flat to positive action would solve that.

Three names that I am watching ad like a lot are MRTX, ALDR & ITCI. I may add them soon.  Let you know tomorrow.

See you in the morning.


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