Some More Highs and Some Names to Watch

The market squeezed out more fresh gains today with the exception of the Russell 2000.

Biotech added .05% and seems to be flagging in what could be an imminent move to all-time highs, which comes in around the 91.79 level for XBI.

XBI is sporting one of the prettiest charts you will ever see and it would surprise me if it didn’t make a run at those highs soon. Please note though that I have been surprised before.

AMGN is one to watch here as it is consolidating ever since it broke out of that cup and handle pattern (green box)n back in earlySeptember.  It’s just a few points from all-time highs now, and if it can break through that level,  targets are 200 and 210.

I mentioned XNCR (portfolio position) last night and today it followed through and broke out.  Volume continues to pick up.  26.50 is the next target.

Lastly, portfolio position ESPR (still buyable) may be stirring.  I am showing you a weekly chart below. Remember this was once a 120 dollar number.  Notice the really healthy and constructive deep base. Volume has picked up recently and it it is approaching important resistance. This one can get going nicely once through that 57 level.

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