The World Is Ending

Dow: -2.19…
Nasdaq: +20.20… S&P: -1.65…

Washington will mess this all up.  If you want your head to explode like a papaya in a microwave, then look no further than twitter (or the evening news), so you can watch our country basically collapse under the weight of itself.

The hatred, vitriol, and divisiveness are like nothing I ever thought was possible. The left and right are like Ali and Frazier except the fight is to the death.

Fake news,  not fake news, what is real, what isnt?,,,,,,, wtf? Cronkite and Murrow are puking in their graves.

One thing about the left, they know how to stick together. The right? Not so much as it is composed of too many factions. The pro-Trump crowd, the “never Trump” brigade, the neo-cons, the moderates, the Freedom Caucus and you can throw the independents on that mess of a pile too.  Let’s not forget the deep state that exists in the weeds and dictates policy and outcome.  Leakers, hackers, liars and lobbyists.  It’s all so bad right now.  Obama never had people in his own party trying to undermine him at every turn, but Trump has a list of these people as long as his arm, and it happens on a daily basis.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never seen this before.

This is far from a partisan opinion on my part, I’m just telling you that this is becoming a massive political boondoggle that may seriously interfere with any progress on anything that Trump wants to do going forward.  Gridlock anyone?

Building a wall isn’t important to the stock market, but lower taxes and deregulation are.

If Donald Trump walked on the water tomorrow to save a drowning child, the mainstream media’s headline the next morning would read…”Trump Can’t Swim”.

They detest the man with every fiber of their being and will never give him a chance…….ever.  This is no secret, but I’m worried about how this may soon start to affect stocks. Maybe it won’t, but I’m allowed to worry about it.  Maybe you should too.  I don’t trust this, the markets hates uncertainty and can get fairly terrified by it.

We’ll get into some stocks tomorrow.  The best looking situation, for now, is to continue to look at some retail stocks from the short side. Today they got hammered again.  The sector looks to be in liquidation mode right now. Some are reporting this week, but a large majority will post earnings next week, and it seems like the market is getting ahead of what they feel will be bad results.

Shakespear couldn’t write this stuff.

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