Patience Paid, Biotech Pops

In looking at the entry dates some of our biotech holdings, we were a little early, but patience has paid, and the street now comes aggressively calling for these names. Better to be early than late, the signs were all there, it just took a while.

Today the XBI broke out some more and it looks like its trying for my first target of 69. If it can get through there, then 72-74 would be secondary targets.

IBB acted very well today too. As you can see it made a lateral breakout.  I now have secondary targets of 295 and 300.

I made three partial sales today. ICPT +9.7%, BLUE +16.4% and PTLA +15.1%

I also added 2 new longs today.  TSRO and INCY.  Both have great charts and both are strong takeout candidates.




VRTX- -ever since it broke out of that wedge at the end of January, it has been consolidating with a slight upward bias. If it can get above 89.50-90.00 with volume then it can get going to the upside.

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