Back To Boring

Dow: +37.87…
Nasdaq: +10.67… S&P: +0.52…

The market is consolidating highs here, so as it does, we get to see some uninspiring tape action, although there are still a few movers and shakers out there.

On the downside, retail still looks horrible. Take a look at KORS and FOSL today.

Today NFLX popped to more new all-time highs as it popped +3.03 or a little over 2%. NDRM moved 2% today after a 6% move yesterday.  AKAO popped almost 8% today too.  EXEL also made new highs up almost 3%.

So considering a lifeless market, some of our stocks outperformed.  So for now, there is still no reason to be anything but bullish.

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