Bio Be Poppin’

Its good to be back. As someone who watches the market minute to minute and hasn’t taken time off in five years, its fun to walk away from it, but it will take a couple of days to catch up and get back in the flow.

Biotech is popping again and the XBI has FINALLY broken out of that bull wedge with some conviction. If this holds, there will be big opportunities for us going forward.

I’m seeing biotech setups everywhere again and that’s always a good sign.  Have you seen out portfolio name CLVS? Could have a 6 in front of it soon.  Today was yet another convincing breakout.

Travel tip….never pack your laptop on the outside of your luggage. Mine was smashed to pieces pretty much, so anything that wasn’t in the cloud had to be reinstalled etc…so I’m doing my best here to get caught up, but it has taken extra hours that I didn’t anticipate.

Housekeeping…..The CMG stop was a mistake on my part, obviously the stop would be higher not lower than the entry on a short sale, the stop should be around 410

In he meantime, I’m looking at a bunch of names, mostly biotech.  Here are 2 biotechs and a software company to watch.  I will talk about more setups with more specificity as the week progresses.


See you in the morning.


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