A Nice First Day

Dow: +119.16…
Nasdaq: +45.97… S&P: +19.00…

The market began the new year on a higher note, but the bulk of today’s advance took place during the initial minutes of the day.  Ten out of eleven sectors ended the day in positive territory with health care (+1.4%) and telecom services (+1.9%). Interesting to see an aggressive sector and a stodgy sector do well in tandem.

I didn’t add anything new today, but I’m tempted on a few things.

Upsidetrader Notice… Mrs Upside has informed me that I haven’t really taken more than a day off consecutively in several years, (if not longer) so she is forcing me to take a few days off to reboot, so I will be off the grid for the rest of the week starting tomorrow.

The Sunday video will be out on Monday night.

I will be returning on Monday mid-morning.   If I am able to check the market from the corner my eye, I may pop in for an evening blog post, we’ll see how it goes.  We all need to rest our minds and our souls on occasion, and I know I don’t do it enough.

In the meantime, if anyone should have any technical issues whatsoever, good old Dom is available at [email protected]

If you have any problems at all just shoot him an email and he will help you.

If there are any emergencies, (terrorist attacks on our mainland), you can always email me at [email protected]

Have a great balance of the week and trade them well.




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