Dead Volume With Some Poppers

Dow: +39.65…
Nasdaq: +20.28… S&P: +4.46…

U.S. stock-trading volumes were relatively low as the holidays approached, with roughly 6 billion shares changing hands Monday compared with this December’s daily average of 7.8 billion.

Anyway, we had some poppers in the portfolio today.

CLVS received FDA approval to treat ovarian cancer. At one point the stock was up 10 points.  It closed the day +3.28 or +8.8%.  As they often do, it went back to test today’s breakout area.

With energy stocks among Monday’s worst performers, falling 0.5%,  CWEI popped +6.26 or 5.7%.  It hit resistance around the 118 level which was my first target. Let’s see if we can get some follow through tomorrow.

Not much else on the docket. See you in the morning.



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