Some Moving Parts

The market has been marveling at the strength in the US Dollar.  Yesterday it popped nicely as the fed telegraphed plans to raise rates three more times in 2017.

If you are an American and a capitalist, then this warms the cockles of your heart, but through all the euphoria, no one yet is addressing the problems that can be attached to this move.

Multinational companies like GE etc… will see huge headwinds if the greenback stays firm or goes higher.  This will eventually effect the S&P multinational companies.

On another note, metals like gold, silver, and miners got hammered yesterday.  I would avoid the gold miners (junior miners too) at all costs.

Crude oil has also lost about 10% from the intraday highs just the other days.

There will be some great rotations to play going forward, so stay tuned.

Good luck today.



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