Decent Action

Dow: +35.54…
Nasdaq: +24.11… S&P: +7.52…

The SPX is back at all time highs again, short by about a point.  The Nasdaq is still fairly hideous and I’m thinking it will be less likely for Nasdaq to turn it around and go to the upside by year end, but you never know. The FANG stocks are iffy at best with the exception of NFLX which seems to have all of its mojo back again.

The Russell is amazing and after a several day break, has gone on to make even more new highs. TZA stopped.

Our stocks were a little better today.  CLVS +6.0%, PKX +3.7%, DV +4.0%,

PKX is back to that triple top breakout, so it could really get going here.


TX also appears to be getting ready to launch


DV finally had a breakout today and there is still a good short position in this one.


Things I’m watching for possible entry.

NOVN -nice bull flag as it consolidates


CLCD this one could break out any any point here.


I still haven’t given up on biotech as we come to the close of the year.  In my opinion all it will take is a spark of some kind to launch this group higher again. Keep in mind that many of these names are shorted so the rally could be ferocious if it happens.

Also the coal stocks continue to setup. I like CLD, ARLP and SXCP. I will keep you posted.

See you in the morning.

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