Gobble Gobble

Dow: +88.76…
Nasdaq: +47.35… S&P: +16.28…

So far the Turkey Gods are playing nicely in the sand box as  Thanksgiving week started off on a good note.

Notably, the Nasdaq is continuing its move. So far so good. I’d like to see QQQ end the week up around that lateral resistance of 120 or higher.  Today it broke above its downtrend which is a good start.


Today I added 3 setups

CRK is breaking out of a wedge and I can see 10.50-11 short term


CLF is in the right group now, its also working on a powerful bullish pattern.  First targets would be 8.50-9.50.  Longer term much higher.


WHR is flagging . Targets 165-170 short term


See you in the morning.


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