Chatroom Finality and My Deep Thoughts

Trust fund kid that knows nothing about the market explaining to her grandfather how she put everything in IBB at 302….everything
Dear People………………..
First off………..the chatroom is up and running, so we should be good to go for Monday.
I finally threatened the peasants at Parachat with a negative blog post until they responded about their chatroom hosting failure and they did in true wussy fashion.  They suck and I’m looking for Plan B alternatives just in case they fail me again.
I don’t talk about this chatroom enough.  The vast majority of subscribers are full timers in other aspects of their lives and don’t enter or (cannot)enter the room because of workplace firewalls. I get that.  You are swing traders that don’t look at the market minute to minute.  Actually, and frankly, you folks are  make up about 90% of my subs so this blog post may not be in your wheelhouse.
That’s fine, because like me, you are swing traders and don’t need to know every tick of the market.  I was on Wall Street for 25 years, so I’m always here all the time anyway, I’d be lost if I wasn’t, its my passion and my baby and I love being with the traders.
The chatroom is a community though, and we are all in it together, so I would invite you to take a look at the chatroom if you are able.
By the way, as a member, you have access to the chat 24/7/365.  It’s always open (except for today).  Back in the day, my subscribers were on this room all night talking stocks, strategy etc… When the market crashed in 2008 we (me included) were on it all night. We caught an edge an the next day.  We made a fortune on the short side by the way.
It doesn’t close at 4PM when the bell rings, so if you every want to start a dialogue, go do it
The Chatroom crash gave me an idea.
On Monday I am starting “CHAT-NIGHT.  In the evening, probably around 7PM we can all log in and talk stocks, politics, strategy….whatever. Sound fun?
Discussing politics is an ugly game and there is never winner, never closure, just opinions. With  just 12 days left I figured what the hell. If I opine it will be sarcastic as usual because I hate them all.  I’m writing in Lynyrd Skynrd…..the whole band, just so you know,  I’m on a Soros machine so it shouldn’t be an issue.
Folks that can’t get in the chat during the day can participate or just watch from the sidelines.
I will send an email reminder over the weekend.  Lets take advantage of the community we have and learn from each other and have some fun……………. God knows I have opinions. I know you do too.
I am also starting a podcast (free, and nothing do do with this website) that has been a work in progress. I will talk stocks, Hollywood, politics, religion, social media and anything else that pisses me off and keeps my brain from exploding. It will be extremely R rated. If you hate the F word don’t even bother.  Along the lines of comedian Bill Burr.  When I started on Wall St I did some stand- up in NYC. It was more horrifying than a 500 million dollar trade.  Oddly it was a better rush.
Have a great Friday night and I will definitely have a full video recap out to you over the weekend.
Opinions and thoughts are always appreciated. Email me  at [email protected] with thoughts and suggestions about the above.


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