Enjoy the Debate


1960 was the first televised Presidential debate. I was born in 1960, so maybe that’s the reason I turned out this way. The country did just fine before debates, and I know we did better without the media. Every problem that faces society is exacerbated, magnified, twisted and massaged, by media ghouls.  Glorified TMZ TV.  They suck on every level possible.

Evidently 100 million people will watch tonight. Pretty good when you consider it goes against Monday Night Football. I’ll be curious to see the actual number tomorrow.  Thank you, but I”ll continue with my Longmire binge watch on Netflix.

The consensus of opinion on Wall St. goes something like this, at least this is what I have been reading in the funny pages.  If Trump does very well in the polls tonight, it will be bad for stocks. If Hillary does really well that’s good for stocks.

I’m  not sure why this is so, my guess is that the stock markets doesn’t like change and likes the status quo. A Hillary win extends the Obama years and the market has done well through that time period.  We’ll see how this whole clown show turns out soon.

One thing that these two characters have in common is regulating the price of pharmaceuticals and eliminating price gouging.  This could effect biotech very short term.  No one likes price gouging, so it will rest on how delicately they deliver this message.

I am adding a new potential short tonight.

Sothbys-BID Short the 36 level


See you in the morning.

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