Are You Dazed By Last Week’s Action? You’re Not Alone


The market was up big on Monday, gave it back on Tuesday, followed though lower on Wednesday, popped higher Thursday and sold off on Friday.

Have you had enough of that action? As wild a week as it was, members had another terrific week on the performance front.

Winners included: ARLP +21.0%, CAT +1.8%, GRMN (short)+4.7%, CALM (short) +3.6%, TSRO +7.10%, CLVS +10.0%, JAZZ +4.0%, SCO +3.1%, CEB (short) +7.3

We have a huge week coming up on the macro front. First of all, the FOMC (Federal Open Mouth Committee) meets on Wednesday with their rate decision, and just nine hours after that, Kuroda & Abe form the Bank of Japan will tell us whether or not they are going to bazooka things with more QE or maybe even throw some helicopter money around.

I will be publishing my in depth market video tomorrow, as I do every weekend for members. I will discuss the market action last week and what to expect in the coming week.

I have some amazing ideas to discuss, and there is one group in particular that looks very powerful and could be a significant money maker for us the rest of this year. So come on by, get the details, and become a member today.

You will pay for your subscription with a trade or two.

As always, I have attached the most recent Member performance report as well as the last three-year track record.

Hope to see you join is.

Attached are the last 2 months of Premium Member performance.  If you would like to request the last 3 years returns, email [email protected]






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