Give Me Some Epinephrine

The past 30 days have been the least volatile of any 30-day period in more than two decades. Only five days during the most recent stretch saw the S&P 500 move by more than 0.5% in either direction, the lowest since the fall of 1995.

I find myself refreshing my screens, because sometimes throughout the course of these lazy days it looks like things have frozen. Nothing froze, its just pathetically slow.

The VIX index on Friday dropped to levels last seen in the summer of 2014—a period of calm that ended decisively with panic buying of bonds that October.  The market tanked then to a V bottom and then we rallied liked wild banshees to the upside.



As I’ve said, I don’t expect a lot to happen good or bad in the coming weeks. I’m just trying to stay one step ahead of the sheriff and stay with what’s working.  Right now that’s biotech and maybe some energy. Of course some tech is sexy and is acting well.

Its easy to do stupid things when your bored. Avoid that temptation at all costs. You can’t wish a stock up and going outside your normal position size because your trying to make something happen is dumb trading, so don’t do it.

Sectors like staples, utilities, emerging markets and…Brazil?? look tired.

Trade em smart, see you in the morning.

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