It’s a Good Anarchy For Stocks

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“I was the only guy with any bit of anarchy left”- Sid Vicious

Stocks just love this low to zero rate stuff. The investment world is held at gunpoint to JUST buy stocks.  You’ve heard of NIRP and ZIRP, but I wait for AIRP… Apocolyptic Interest Rate Policy.  Its all fun and games until someone takes a negative interest rate to the groin.  When the pain comes it will be epic, the anarchy will begin,  but for now I’m longer than train smoke.  I just raise stops all day, make partial sales and forget it.  I do like to sell a little and feed the ducks when they’re quacking. After all, we do buy stocks to sell them right? Monetizing gains is a good thing…don’t be  bag holder.

For now we go higher. We will have our patented 3 to 5% pullbacks along the way, but the shallow dips will be bought, because they still have to buy stocks.  They have no choice.

Anything can happen at a seconds notice though, and the worm always turns, so stay on your toes and don’t be a greedy pig.

In a flat week my members outperformed yet again.  Here are some exits, we took no losses:

Holding periods were about 1-3 weeks.

MEET +17.9%, VALE +5.5%,  WB +21.5%, LABU +15.5%, BLCM +29.8%, ERII +8.2% EBIO 12.2%

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I will be releasing my weekly in depth Sunday video later today. I’m seeing amazing setups and have isolated some real jewels.

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