Some Great Action

Dow +91.40 at 17724.51, Nasdaq +28.94 at 4875.55, S&P+11.08 at 2066.07

Today was a good day for the home team as we saw YRD advance +10%, NRP +12%, MEET +15% and LABU tack on another 7.5%.

I took some partial gains on some names today because I always like to feed the ducks when they’re quacking. They have to eat too, and today they were quackin’.

The market did absolutely nothing today, but as I’ve been saying, its a good market for individual stocks and there has been some great movement if you are in the right spots.

I added two new entries today, one short and one long.

GILD has been massacred over the last year, down form 123 to the 88 area. It may be getting cheap enough for other companies to take a look at them. BMY has long been rumored as a potential acquirer of GILD. Today that rumor came around again and I like the risk reward down here.


I also added TRLD as a short. I have been watching this one everyday since its last earnings report back in June and the technicals have only gotten worse.


Please check the P&L tab on the blog to stay updated on stop adjustments and new entry prices.

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