Nintendo, Pokeman Go and Atrophy


The chase is on as Nintendo continues its rip higher. Its all fun and games until someone takes a Pokeball to the eye though. Shit’s getting silly now as this name has more than doubled in just over three weeks.

There is always a bag holder, the guy that pays the top.  Always. It’s coming.


Like Japan, Nintendo has been impotent for years now, and Pokeman Go is Nintendo’s own fiscal stimulus. Neither will last very long.

pokeman gif


I will sound like my father probably would here, but we”re doomed as a society with this shit. I love when I hear people say, “PokeManGo is great, at least it gets kids off the sofa”. Really? Sad commentary. Atrophied young bodies.

The damage is already done. Kids and millennials find it impossible these days to look you in the eye and give you a firm handshake. Social skills are non existent.  I speak as someone who has recently spent countess hours at the hottest multi-billion startup on the planet in NYC the last few weeks.  They have the handshake of a Talapia and their eyes wander, I notice this stuff.

All smarter than me, but I like my handshake.



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