Brexit…Stock Market Implodes as Europe Begins Its Disintegration



Brexit kicked it off, now we wait for the buzzwords that will go full throttle next week. Italeave, Chechout, Austria La Vista, Finish, Slovakout, Spaixit and Departugal. The Dutch are chomping at the bid to leave and other European countries want to start their own referendums. Northern Ireland is talking secession and wants to hook up with Ireland. This should all be good clean fun as we move forward.

“Uncertainty” much?

Look for “contagion” to be overused next week by all the misanthropes that told you that Brexit would never happen.

Grexit talk was adorable, but Greece has no leverage to leave as they count on the EU for three meals a day.

We could be witnessing the end of an experiment that started in 1993. Britain said no mas. We will not be dictated by a crew of heinous charlatans and bureaucrats in Brussels.

A few weeks ago the talk of Brexit was being downplayed. It was viewed as noise, that it would never happen. Everyone had it wrong including the bookies.

One interesting note was The Sun newspaper out of London. They stayed firm in calling for a Brexit. This is the publication that correctly called every election correctly over the last thirty years. Maybe I’ll grab a subscription.

I won’t go over the battle damage that was inflicted on the markets on Friday, you know, and it will be reflected in your 201K’s shortly.

Subscribers were leaning about 70% short last week, and although we monetized partial profits on the short side, we remain so.  Why not join us and become a Premium Member today?

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