Guy That Has Followed Cramer For 10 Years Now Owns Every Stock That Trades


Bob Jones from Moline Il. now owns every single stock that is publicly traded. This includes every stock in the S&P, Russell 2000 the Dow and Nasdaq.

“I feel pretty good about it” Bob said.  Sure there were times that I got a little nervous, but every night Cramer just had more stocks for me to own, regardless of market conditions. After the crash, Cramer said not to buy stocks for five years, but sure enough, within a week he was rattling off at least ten new names a night for me to own”.

It took Bob about ten years to get to this level with Cramer as his mentor.  He really hopes that Cramer will now expand his universe to other markets like Europe, Japan and China.

When asked if he would follow Cramer into those markets too, Bob said, “hey, why not, the more the merrier”.

Bob mentioned that his worst fear happened back in April when his DVR broke and he missed an episode.

“Thank God for the CNBC website as I watched it there and thankfully had the chance to recklessly buy all of Cramer’s stocks in the aftermarket.  I got horrible executions in a very thin market, but as Jim says, there’s always a bull market somewhere so I felt compelled to take immediate action.

Bob is currently taking the maximum dosage of Lexapro and Wellbutrin and feels great.


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