Earnings Wind Down With a Couple of Disasters

Dow +222.44 at 17928.35, Nasdaq +59.67 at 4809.88, S&P+25.70 at 2084.39


As we wind down on earnings (thankfully), we saw two implosions after the close today. One was DIS and the other was FOSL.



and FOSL, the maker of horrible time pieces


Most of the big name earnings are out of the way for the most part, so maybe we can back to some order. I hate earnings season, it disrupts the natural flow of the market as land mines tend to blow up all over the place and big gains can sometimes be just a knee jerk and not permanent.

Today was a nice rally, but it was a very thin market without a lot of conviction.  Gold and treasuries were flat, so the risk off instruments hung in there. There are more headwinds than catalysts right now. This doesn’t mean the market rolls over, but be aware.

If your sitting back and relaxing, here is a great piece for you NIRP-ers out there.

See you in the morning.

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