“Fortune favors the brave”—Publius Terence

I’ve been blogging I guess for about eight  years now? Friggin’ amazing how time flies.  When I hung up my spikes on Wall Street I decided to start a blog and write about the market. Irreverent mostly, factual to a fault.  It was free, I wanted to bark setups and pontificate about what a scam-o-rama Wall St was. Mostly critical of the analyst community. You know, kids with Ivy League degrees that couldn’t make a prediction on a stock if they had tomorrows newspaper.  The guys that upgraded all the way down into the Apocalypse.

Anyway, my blog was free back in the day, then Howard Lindzon asked me to be the first contributor at Stocktwits on a Premium basis. I never thought of charging for my blog. The market was crashing at the time, and all I did was bark out short sales all day. My work was good and I made people a lot of money. I still get thank yous. I got hate mail too from people that now had to pay.  Others joined right away. Nothing good is free.

I still bark out longs and shorts for my subscribers.  I teach and mentor them and show them how the market really works. I teach them charts and how to read all the macro gyrations. I’m not always right, but we always outperform the market.

You guys can decide if this bull has a couple years left or not. I’m getting ready and have  plan if it doesn’t.

I did a free trial once and I swore I would never do it again for a multitude of reasons. Mainly, there are hordes of “free shit” people out there that are looking for the golden goose, a free trade and want to get rich in a month. They wasted my time.  I was miserable the whole time. Hated it. I’m way too busy.

I am now offering a 2 week free trial and I don’t want you to waste your time or mine. If you want to really learn the market, really learning how charts work, and really learn how not to blow yourself up, then you should take the trial.

Here is the link.

P.S. I will monitor the sign ups for two weeks and one lucky person will get a FREE lifetime membership to





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