Biotech Goes Bananas

Forget what you read in the funny pages (Wall street Journal, Marketwatch) and all the other periodicals written by children that write about stocks.

This market is crazy, like a crazy girlfriend right now.  It just goes up. Love it.


Anyway, the bulls stay in charge and biotech is ruling the roost again.  As hedge funds report -20% returns for the first quarter, they have no choice but to chase stocks as prices rise.  They have no choice, trust me I’ve been there.

Light post tonight as we all walk through the Fields of Ambrosia and watch stocks rise.

When they all look like Picassos bad things can happen, so stay on your toes and DON’T CHASE.

Up for now. Current April P&L here.

See you in the morning. The Mets in 7. I will be starting a first time ever free trial for all you neophytes shortly. Stay tuned for genius. Pikers.




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