The FANG’s Are Flaggin’

We sit at 1925 for $SPX. We’ve rallied about a 100 handles off the double bottom lows at 1810. We were down about 325 handles from all time highs though.  If we pop through 1925 then 1950 looks like a layup.

So is this your prototypical rally in  a bear market?  We all know they are vicious and happen fast. If short traders arent faster, they get taken out in body bags.

Anyhoo, I’m looking at the FANG-ers and I dont see anything more than bear flag/wedge settups. Maybe I’m wrong, time will tell.









If these patterns break above the top of these flags with great authority, meaning volume, then these negative patterns will be negated, right now though they look like good risk reward shorts with tight stops.

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