Happy New Year & Some Weekend Reading

studi 54 in 78

New Years Eve at Studio 54 in 1978

Happy New Year folks!!!  I was in bed at 9:30 and I’m feeling quite chipper this morning.  Its blustery and cold on the east coast, so its a great day to watch some college bowl games. My New Years diet starts today too…the one that ends on January 3.  Hope you all had a nice evening last night and dont believe the hangover cure stories. There is none.

I will be out with some video over the weekend.  Not sure if I will have any new names as I would like to see how the market welcomes in the new year.

Here are a few interesting reads for the weekend. Enjoy!

Brazil’s Fall

Josh Brown’s annual “I Learned That”

Why oil prices could collapse further.

5 Potential Black Swans

Einhorn’s fund was down 20%. CNX killed him, then killed him more when he averaged down.

Here’s a scary chart for you


Have a great weekend guys.

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